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September 22, 2002

Here Goes

Now that I have everything working, time to post some pictures. It is a photoblog after all. So without further ado, two pictures that I took last night. Both are very long exposures taken at night.

Old Abe

I was wandering around and decided to stop and take a picture of my old high school mascot. He's "Old Abe" the Civil War eagle. He came from my area of Wisconsin and was the mascot for a Civil War regiment from our state.

Church Window

This is a church in my city, I don't attend it but it has a lovely stained glass window that's lit up for a few hours every night.

September 30, 2002

Meeting People

There were "character actors" there as well as the big stars. Here's two of them. Brian Thompson is first. He was the Bounty Hunter on X-Files and since IWTB is a tad obsessed with the X-Files I got an autograph from him, for her. This picture is him, me, and the picture he signed for IWTB. And before you say anything... yes I know I look like a dork.

Me & Brian Thompson

So, I'm walking along one of the tables and looking at the pictures and saw some Farscape pictures. They were all of Zhaan. Then I looked up and Zhaan was sitting RIGHT THERE! OK, really she was Virginia Hey. I had no idea she was going to be there, so that was quite exciting! She was really sweet and signed a beautiful picture for me.

Me & Virginia Hey

October 8, 2002

Colors Starting

The leaves are just starting to turn here. I'm going to have to go leaf peeping this weekend I think. Yes... it really is called leaf peeping!

October 11, 2002

More Technology

This is just a small part of the phone system coming into our building. The number of wires just amazes me.

Phone Lines

October 13, 2002

Fall Fotos

I had a wonderful day today. It was nice and cool, beautiful bright blue sky, a few little puffy white clouds. I spent more than 2 hours outside just taking pictures of everything changing. Beautiful!

October 25, 2002

Theme Thursday

So I'm a little late with my Theme Thursday. Well, not that late, it's only one day after Thursday after all. Anyway... here is my porch in shadows.

Theme Thursday Shadows

October 30, 2002

In This Room...

After a short "I'm sick and don't feel like doing anything" hiatus. I'm ba-ack! This is a picture I took, changed to black & white, added a single color to, and then added text to. It's patterned after an ad in a TV Technology magazine that I thought was really cool. So I decided to make my own with MY control room.

This Room

November 5, 2002

Photo Op

I was driving from work to go vote and saw this hydrant gushing water. There wasn't anyone around, and it was too good to pass up!

November 7, 2002

Theme Thursday

This week's Theme Thursday is Babies. I've got two pictures for it. The first one is me and my feathered baby Dolce. Whenever I talk about him, I refer to him as "my baby" so he's quite applicable to this week's theme.

Feathered Baby

I didn't take this next picture, IWTB did. This is her neice Hannah. She was born June 19th at 1 lb. 12 ozs. She's up above 9 lbs. now but is still stuck at the hospital. IWTB and Hannah's mom Nikki went to visit on Halloween (very cute chilli pepper outfit pics to come) and they took my camera. So... Hannah is now part of my Theme Thursday!

Hannah Banana

November 21, 2002

I'm Back

I've not been feeling like taking pictures lately so I've been AWOL for the past week or so. But the meteor shower Monday night/Tuesday morning was an amazing opportunity. I didn't manage to capture any meteors, but I did get a couple of pictures that I think are pretty cool. The moon behind the clouds and a long exposure of the trees and the stars.

Moon Road

Starry Night

November 30, 2002

Picture 2000!!

When we went to cover a fire for work I took a bunch of pictures of it and my 2000th picture with my camera was among them. Here it is!

Picture #2000

February 7, 2003

Dancin' Fools

Keva & Kramer dancing at Christmas party

At the work Christmas party. This was after most of the people left, and there were just a handful of us left being goofy and messing around.

March 7, 2003

Theme Thursday

This week's theme is:

Something to Look Forward to

I'm looking forward to finishing this...

Almost There

and here's a close up of it...

Almost There Closer

I have one row of blocks left to add to this and then I can do the border and then figure out how to do the backing and stuffing. I've been working on it on and off for a very long time and now I can feel myself so close to being done and I'm all excited about it.

If anyone is interested it's all hand-pieced. Each block is a different blue fabric. It's a pattern called "Snowballs"

April 16, 2003

Flowering Season

Easter Lillies

I went grocery shopping last night after work and there was a big display of Easter Lillies. I've always loved these flowers. It's one of the few really strong scents that I actually enjoy. I always love walking into church on Easter Sunday and being met by a wall of smells wafting from the front of the sanctuary. They're up there with Pansies as one of my favorite flowers.

April 27, 2003

Fa-lap Shuffle Stomp

Happy Feet

May 1, 2003

Theme Thursday

It's Theme Thursday time!

This week is: music

I had a lot of fun with this one. I've taken piano lessons since I was seven and I couldn't resist the opportunity to take pictures of my (well, my mom's) piano.

Black & White

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June 6, 2003

New Kitty

I'm on Syn's computer again. Which is appropriate because I'm uploading pictures of her brand new itty bitty kitty! Say hello to Kieran.


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June 21, 2003

Kute Kitty

Syn's kitten Kieran is just so gosh darn photogenic! I stopped by to visit yesterday and took these.

Shadowed Kitty

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June 22, 2003



This is the embroidery floss I'm using for a cross-stitch project. I've always liked the rainbow of colors and finally got around to taking a picture of it today.

And here's one more flower picture:

One More Flower Picture

June 27, 2003

Friend in the Garden

Pansy Face

Just a pansy that I took a picture of and really liked the end result!

July 1, 2003

Dancing Water

Water at Night

There's this little park downtown. I drive past it at least once a week. But I never noticed this fountain in the middle of it until tonight. Driving past, a flash of purple caught my eye and I slowed down to figure out what it was. It was lit and created this great cove kind of feeling in the middle of the park.

July 4, 2003

Photo Friday

I like the end of the week. It means it's time for photo memes! And those are always fun.

Here's this week's Photo Friday, the challenge is Solitude.


July 6, 2003



Grandpa was quite intent on the Legos that had been brought for my little cousin Luke to play with.

July 8, 2003



This is my little cousin Josiah. Isn't he adorable?

July 25, 2003

Field of Yellow


Flowers on the way to this cache.

July 28, 2003



Took this while I was geocaching on Sunday.

Geocaching Country


Another picture I took while geocaching on Sunday.

July 30, 2003

Fly Boy


I managed to take a picture of my boy flying! Am I good or what? Wait... don't answer that. Just enjoy looking at my beautiful boy.

August 23, 2003

Broken Challenge

Photo Friday time. This week's challenge is: Broken.


And when He had taken some bread and given thanks, He broke it and gave it to them, saying, "This is My body which is given for you; do this in remembrance of Me."
- Luke 22:19

He was broken so that I don't have to be broken for eternity.

August 27, 2003

A Little Housekeeping

This is a combo houskeeping/meme post...

This week's PhotoTime challenge is: Favorites

Instead of picking a photo it proded me into creating another category around here. One for my favorite pictures. So that's my entry! A new category with all the pictures that I've taken that I really, really like.

November 6, 2003

More Bunny Goodness



And this one to try and show his size. That horribly overexposed thing in the foreground is my arm. He completely fits on my palm. And he won't get much bigger either! Full grown is about 2 pounds.

January 24, 2004

At the Pet Store


This guy lives at one of the pet stores I use regularly. His name is Bam-Bam and there's a sign on his cage that makes me laugh. "I'm a vegetarian, but I like to snack on fingers." Isn't he handsome?

Here's a shot that shows more of him.

February 23, 2004



This guy is in front of a building in the historic part of Providence. I don't remember which one or what it was. But he's cool so I took his picture!

March 8, 2004

Opaque Weather

It's been insanely foggy here the last couple days.


It does interesting things to the colors.


March 24, 2004


A little Phototime action tonight. The theme is: Hands


Mine doing something I'm starting to enjoy again. TD'ing. But I cannot wait until the new control room is finished and I get to use a board that works properly again! This one is literaly older than me, and no I'm not exagerating.

April 21, 2004

It's Not Easy Being Green

This is a building in Providence, at Brown I think. It's from when Mom visited back in February and we were walking around near the Brown campus when I took it.


April 27, 2004

Foggy Reflection


I snapped this on the way home tonight. I had a couple with a sharper focus, but I like the softness of this one better.

April 28, 2004

Spring Bee

A little Phototime today. The theme is: It's a Spring Thing!

I left work for my dinner break and this big pink flowering bush was outside. I just had to stop and play for a few minutes. The bees were enjoying it too!


May 2, 2004



It rained today, these are on the tree outside my living room window. The screen in that window has never really fit right, and now I'm glad since it makes it a lot easier to get it out so I can take a decent picture.

May 7, 2004

Follow the Leader

Having fun with Photo Friday today. The challenge this week is: Play

These girls just wanted to play with the "ducks." I'm not sure if the parents were just playing along and not wanting to correct the kids or what, but apparently giant black, grey, and white birds are "ducks."


Despite signs to the contrary everyone, including the security guys feed the geese. So when the kids went off with their parents (and a few suspiciously food like bags!) these guys followed right behind.

May 10, 2004

Left Behind


Methinks that someone didn't want to finish their treat.

May 11, 2004



The sun tonight. There was just the right amount of clouds so that you could actually look at the sun. Very cool.

May 14, 2004



There's a little farm/zoo thing in the park near my house. This gal was a most cooperative photo subject!

May 21, 2004

I'm Ready for My Close Up!

Photo Friday's challenge this week is: Macro

Waaaaay too much fun with this theme!


And because I couldn't resist, a slightly more standard macro shot:


May 25, 2004

What're You Lookin' At?

So I'm incredibly late with this week's Theme Thursday. I was having major Photoshop issues and finally got them fixed. This week (or last week's) theme is: Frame


A chain-link framed chicken!

May 30, 2004

Black and White China

As usual I'm late with my Photo Friday-ing.

This week's challenge is: Black & White


And the original color version too.

May 31, 2004

Fuzzy Face


My uncle's cat Dory. We were over for dinner tonight and I just couldn't resist.

June 5, 2004


For Photo Friday.

The landscape of an ant!


June 8, 2004

Above the Cotton


The sun setting while I was above the clouds in the plane on the way back to RI. Very cool!

July 6, 2004



Some flowers out back at work.

July 25, 2004



Another pretty flower. This one reminds me of those ultraviolet pictures of flowers in science books. The ones that are supposedley what the insects see (or something like it anyway!)

July 31, 2004

A Railroad Perspective


Just some tracks I was walking along while hunting for a cache on Thursday morning. It was all warm and misty and the tracks looked like they went on forever until disappearing into mist.

August 1, 2004

All Tied Up


A few of the many ropes all over the Mayflower II. It's a reproduction of the original Mayflower that's docked in Plymouth, MA. It even sails occasionally! It was amazing to see this not-very-big ship and know that more than 100 people, and their livestock, sailed across the Atlantic all jammed into it. Incredible.

August 5, 2004

Geocaching Buddy


Found this little guy while geocaching today. Little bitty toads are cool!

August 10, 2004

Glowing Gazebo

Trying to do a little meme'ing today. The phototime for today is: Late Night


One of the gazebos in Roger Williams Park in Providence at night. I've only been to the park twice so far, but the little I've seen of it I really like.

August 26, 2004

Watercolor Sky


Absolutely beautiful sunset last night at the last cache I hunted. I didn't find it, but that's ok. All part of the game!

August 29, 2004

So Many Colors!

I'm late, but here's Tuesday's Phototime of: Back to School.

My favorite part of going back to school in the fall was always going and getting school supplies. I could (and still can!) spend hours in office supply type stores without any difficulty.

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September 1, 2004

She's Blushing!


For WordPhoto which I just discovered yesterday. Today is: Orange

I think this is the best picture I've ever taken of Miss Mione. She is so incredibly hard to photograph!

September 16, 2004



For the Thursday Challenge: Emotion

My parents were visiting last week and on Saturday we went to see some of the sights in Plymouth. Didn't even think of what the date was. We were getting off the Mayflower II and heading for the car when a parade started to pass.

September 18, 2004

A Saintly Submission


For i-gizmo... While my parents were visiting and we were working our way along the Freedom Trail in Boston, we came across this old statue of St. Francis of Assisi that was showing it's age.

September 21, 2004

I'm Melting... Melting!!!


For Moody Monday: A bunch of mixed up colors.

September 23, 2004

Introducing Talitha


Or Tali for short. She joined the Sunidesus household last Wednesday (the 15th if anyone's counting) That puts her at about 9 weeks right now. She's a mini-lop with a little bit of what appears to be angora so she's very fluffy!

And for the curious folks out there... "Talitha" means "little girl" in Aramaic. I found it on a site that has a huge list of Biblical names. So there you have it!

October 11, 2004

The Dying of the Light


One of the flowers I got at work a week ago has looked so interesting as it's started to die that I just had to take a picture of it. Something about the change in the colors from the outside to the inside as it drys out really interests me.

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October 16, 2004

Such a Blue


I was going to post this one anyway, but it also works for the Photo Friday this week! I love it when I'm flipping through a bunch of new pictures on my computer and find one that's unexpectedly turned out well!

October 18, 2004

The Most Colorful Time of the Year


For wordPhoto: The picture taking opportunities seem endless in autumn. And I love it!


October 26, 2004

What're You Looking At?


Caught on the windowsill of my apartment. Gotta love somewhat tame animals that've been bribed with food!

December 4, 2004



Yeah, I know. All I've been posting lately are critter pictures. But who could resist such cute little bundles of fluff?

December 8, 2004

Hanging Out


It rained yesterday and I just couldn't resist all the water droplets lined up on all the branches.

March 11, 2005

Bunny Blogging


I was trying to take a cute Easter picture of Miss Tali yesterday. She wasn't very cooperative! So I ended up with lots of pictures like these, and only one slightly useable one. Oh well, she's cute anyway!


And of course it works for the Friday Ark too.

March 24, 2005

Autumn on Ice


A leaf from my outing on Tuesday...

March 26, 2005

An Amazing Time of Year


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April 2, 2005

All Together Now...


How can you not love something that adorable?

And I'm a day late, but hopefully close enough to make the Ark

April 15, 2005

A Supporting Role


I think this qualifies as a "supporting role" for the Ark!

May 23, 2005

Tiny Stitches


Trying out a new meme that's all about macros! And we all know I love me some macros. So for MacroDay I have some intricate cross-stitch. Just for some perspective, this particular project is on 18-count fabric which means there's 18 stitches per inch, or 324 stitches in a square inch.

June 9, 2005

I'm Ready for My Closeup


I found this little guy on the trunk of my car the other day. And of course I had to take his picture. How could I not? I did a little caterpillar identification sleuthing and it would seem that he is a tent caterpillar. The nests of which I find very icky! But he's sure cute when he's not inside of one!

July 1, 2005

A Little Fuzzy One


For a rather late Photo Tuesday I have some very young urban wildlife. This little guy was hanging out with Mom (behind him) and Dad and two siblings at this little lake I pass over every day on my way to and from work. The adults are all very used to people and will stop traffic if they want to cross the road! I'm very curious as to what these three will look like when they grow up, Mom is a domestic white goose while Dad is a Canadian goose. Should be interesting!

And hey, it's Friday now so this'll work for the Friday Ark too!

Roy G. Biv


So clearly I'm in a meme-posting mood tonight! Here are some colorful peppers that have been crossposted at WordPhoto.

July 15, 2005

Ribbit! Ribbit!


Another for the Friday Ark. I ran into this guy while I was home on vacation at the end of June. He was living, quite happily, in a pond at a garden center/greenhouse. I tried to get a video of him croaking, but of course whenever I hit record he stopped. So you'll just have to imagine while you look at the still shot of him!

July 20, 2005



For Lensday, I love the constant chatter and sounds of these guys. There's something about that soft muttering quack that they always keep up; I just love it.

July 29, 2005

The Multi-Racial Family


I passed the inter-racial goose family the other day and figured it was about time for an update on the little guys. There were originally three goslings, but something must have happened to one of them because the last few times I've seen them there's been just two babies. They sure do grow fast!

A couple more, because they're so hard to resist!



Don't forget to visit the Ark for more animal goodness. And don't forget the Blogathon either! There's lots of good animal related charities that need your support.

Windshield Daredevil


This little guy hitched a ride on my windshield last night. He was such a pretty green that I just had to take his picture. (I used the headlight for my light source)

Don't forget the Ark, or the Blogathon!

August 26, 2005

Tide Pool Discovery


On Monday the 'rents and I went down to the ocean, and low tide makes for lots of fun for Suni! Lots of tide pools in which to play and find interesting things! Like this starfish. I'm assuming the little red dot is some kind of sense organ, both of the starfish I found had one. Here's the close up!


Watching it work on turning itself over was amazing. All those little feet flailing around!
Feet in action (right click, save target as please!)

Update: The little dot isn't a sense organ, it's part of the vascular/water system that starfish use to move! Thanks to my dad for hunting down the answer.

What's Up There?


On Tuesday we went to Roger Williams Zoo, I hadn't been yet and it was a nice day for doing something outside. It surprised me and was actually a fairly decent zoo. This sandhill crane was quite interested in something up above our heads. Couldn't find whatever it was he was looking at though!

So do birds seen in a zoo count on a person's life list?

Don't forget to check out the Friday Ark for all your critter viewing pleasure.

January 27, 2006




They're going home to their daddy tomorrow, so I have to get a couple more kitty pictures in before that!

February 17, 2006



It's Benjamin vs. the Banana Skin!

Don't forget to visit all the other critters at the Ark!

March 18, 2006



I love fog! It takes a lot of experimenting, but it looks really cool when it turns out right!

April 21, 2006

A Cocoon of Unknown Origins


I haven't the faintest idea what this is, Keva and I found it while out caching. I'm hoping someone at the Ark can help me out! There were a coupld of them that we saw. It was maybe an inch across. I'm assuming something was inside, but I wasn't about to break it open!

Any ideas?

Update: Thanks to the extremely helpfull bug-dude at What's That Bug I now know it is a praying mantis egg case! How cool!

Boneless Wonder


Another geocaching discovery. It's an itty bitty jellyfish! There was a second one nearby that was bigger, but my pictures of it turned out like orange blobs so baby jellyfish pictures it is!

Here's the top view too:


And a bonus... jellyfish in action! (right click, save-target-as, please!)

October 14, 2006


Whoo! That was an incredibly fun day! And normally I take loads of pictures (and of much better quality than these! These aren't my best work!) but there was so much yarn! And so many Knittyheads to talk to! And Woot!!! Yeah, it was a good time. However, there is zero chance I'm going to get names right so if you see yourself, say hey in the comments.

I'm starting with the Yarn Pr0n!


My haul from Webs. A massive cone of cotton for 10 bucks, sock yarn of two varieties I haven't tried before. In the front there's my major splurge on the left (Schaeffer Anne) and one ball each of Rowan Wool Cotton and Felted Tweed. And in the back are two sets of bamboo circulars sizes 0 & 1. I just discovered I'm alergic to my KP needles so something that's not metal for sock knitting made me very happy!


And what I grabbed in Grafton (Classic Yarns right folks?) Some Cascade for punkin's, more sock yarn; there was only the one ball of the colorway I fell in love with, but I have tiny feet so no biggie. It works, I just have to be careful. And in the front are four cute little buttons, sheep, bunny, frog, penguin.

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May 29, 2007



This would be what I bought at Mass Sheep & Wool this past weekend. That's 4 oz. of merino/tencel fiber in the front from the Sheep Shed. There's a skein of Spunky Eclectic sock yarn. I tend to be nervous about buying yarn on-line that I haven't seen in person, so I was very excited to see it and I bought some 'cuz it's purty! I also bought a real spindle from her. The blue that's on the spindle is from the roving I bought at the RI S&W a week ago. The real spindle works soooo much better than the CD one!


June 26, 2007

Robin Babys


This little guys are hanging out at work. I haven't seen Mom & Dad, but other people at work have. One of them flapped his little wing while I was taking pictures, they're so scrawny and adorable!

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