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September 26, 2002


Since I have a PhotoBlog now, I'm going to participate in my first Theme Thursday today! This is my boy Dolce enjoying a bath. When he takes a bath he goes nuts. He can spray water over an entire room. He's quite enthusiastic!

Bath Time

Bath Time

Bath Time

November 7, 2002

Theme Thursday

This week's Theme Thursday is Babies. I've got two pictures for it. The first one is me and my feathered baby Dolce. Whenever I talk about him, I refer to him as "my baby" so he's quite applicable to this week's theme.

Feathered Baby

I didn't take this next picture, IWTB did. This is her neice Hannah. She was born June 19th at 1 lb. 12 ozs. She's up above 9 lbs. now but is still stuck at the hospital. IWTB and Hannah's mom Nikki went to visit on Halloween (very cute chilli pepper outfit pics to come) and they took my camera. So... Hannah is now part of my Theme Thursday!

Hannah Banana

February 9, 2003

Mai Tai


This is Syn's birdie Hermione. She usually gets called Mione though! Very cute, but a little spastic. (The bird, not Syn)

March 16, 2003

Dolce the Geek

Geek Bird

Even my bird is geeky! He flew to this perch and then sat there for probably an hour before he decided he wanted to be somewhere else.

March 22, 2003

Cache Puppy

Puppy at the Cache

While Syn and I were doing some maintenance on our cache this little gal found us and just wanted to be petted! She hung out with us the whole time we were out there. She very much seemed like a puppy. Pretty much full grown, but under a year old. Very playful and just a complete sweetheart.

March 29, 2003



I went over to my uncle's (and his wife's of course) house for dinner with my parents. And this is his cat Dory (yes, she really is rather fat, she's on a diet now though) She's somewhere around 10 years old, she was abandoned near my parent's house and my uncle adopted her. There's a story to go along with that, maybe I'll work on writing that down next.



April 2, 2003

Silly Birdie

Dolce Playing

The other day Dolce decided to climb onto my futon and then down onto some clothes that were hanging off the back of it. He hung around on it for quite a while just climbing around before he flew off to another play place.

Dolce Playing

Dolce Relaxing

Dolce will let me flip him onto his back and he'll just lie there and enjoy getting his head scritched. That's a trusting birdie right there.

April 21, 2003

Fuzzy Friends

Syn, Jordache, & Menley

I went over to Syn's parent's house for Easter dinner yesterday. Her kitties still live there so I've got a bunch of cat pictures to show off today!

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June 6, 2003

New Kitty

I'm on Syn's computer again. Which is appropriate because I'm uploading pictures of her brand new itty bitty kitty! Say hello to Kieran.


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June 14, 2003

More Kitties

The weekend weather chick at work just got a cat on Thursday. We all went over to meet him tonight on our collective dinner break.


His name is Quincy and he's about 9 months old. He's amazingly mellow and friendly. And quite the handsome fellow!

And no, this spurt of posts doesn't mean I have my 'puter back. It just means I was bored at work and decided to get my pictures from my camera onto a work computer so I could upload a couple.

June 20, 2003

She's Ba-ack!

I finally have my 'puter back and I'm participating in my first Photo Friday in a long time. This week's challenge is: Critters

New Roomates

Of course you were all expecting a picture of my Dolce (he's the green one if you're new around here) but now there's a new roomate at the Sunidesus house. Our flock has expanded by one. Meet Hermione, better known as Mione. She actually belongs to Syn, but I've kind of adopted her because Syn was having a hard time with a bird and a cat. And I'm such a bird person... we are now a flock of three.

June 21, 2003

Kute Kitty

Syn's kitten Kieran is just so gosh darn photogenic! I stopped by to visit yesterday and took these.

Shadowed Kitty

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June 23, 2003


Buddy Boy

This is Buddy, he belongs to the Sports Director at work. He's a very hyper chocolate lab mix. I think he's about a year old now, so very puppyish still. He's a sweetheart, just very easily excited!

June 26, 2003

More Feet!

I was having fun with my camera and decided to take more Theme Thursday pictures. So enjoy some birdie feet.

Dolce Feet

Mione Feet

Bonus Entry

Just because I felt like it you're getting another post today! Are you all lucky or what?

Soft Sleeper

This is Miss Mione taking a nap. I couldn't resist. She looks so soft and cuddly. She isn't all that awfully cuddly, but she is very soft! My boy Dolce is more sleek than soft, but he's the cuddler. They are very different birds!

July 4, 2003



Miss Mione looking quite proud of herself.

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July 5, 2003

What's That?!?!


The puppies of a co-worker/friend contemplating Syn's Daquiri (sp?). They're German Shepards and once they decide you're not a threat they are just the sweetest things. Just about a year old now. They just wanted to be petted and have their tummies rubbed all night. I'll probably have more pictures of them later, but I need to go to the library quick before they close so that'll have to wait!

July 13, 2003



This guy was in my stairway last night.

July 19, 2003

How Did I Get Here?


This particular Fid has a habit of freaking out and flapping madly around the room until she lands on something. This was a new place for her to end up.

July 30, 2003

Fly Boy


I managed to take a picture of my boy flying! Am I good or what? Wait... don't answer that. Just enjoy looking at my beautiful boy.

August 23, 2003



"Who are you and why do you want to come into my house?"

September 21, 2003

It's Shinny!


Taking a good picture of Mione is difficult because she's such a light color. But I just couldn't resist snapping this one of her and her mommy Syn. Mione has a thing for shinny anything!

September 26, 2003

Hanging Out

It's time for Theme Thursday this week's theme is: It's All Good, things that make us smile when we look through the viewfinder.


I know it's expected, but I just had to post a shot of Dolce. He always makes me smile.

October 18, 2003



I just had to share this adorable picture of my boy that Syn took of him for me. Isn't he just the cutest? And isn't she wonderful for taking care of them for me until they can come out and live with me?

November 1, 2003



Is that not the cutest face ever?

He's an 8 week old Netherland Dwarf and he doesn't have a name yet.

November 6, 2003

More Bunny Goodness



And this one to try and show his size. That horribly overexposed thing in the foreground is my arm. He completely fits on my palm. And he won't get much bigger either! Full grown is about 2 pounds.

December 25, 2003

Merry Christmas!


January 24, 2004

At the Pet Store


This guy lives at one of the pet stores I use regularly. His name is Bam-Bam and there's a sign on his cage that makes me laugh. "I'm a vegetarian, but I like to snack on fingers." Isn't he handsome?

Here's a shot that shows more of him.

January 31, 2004



Isn't he cute?

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February 21, 2004

Taking a Look


February 22, 2004

A Couple More

Because I just couldn't resist!



I'll have to take some Fid pictures pretty soon too.

February 26, 2004



This is from the first night Dolce and Mione could join me in Rhode Island. Thanks to Mom for dealing with all the nonsense to get them on the plane out here.

March 16, 2004



Same Name TD and I were at one of the local pet stores looking for fish for the new tank and this guy was sunning himself in one of the tanks. I couldn't resist. I think he's a painted turtle? I feel like I remember learning that ages ago. And I think they're the common one's we used to see canoeing all the time when I was little. But I could very easily be quite wrong about that!



And this would be the de-icked fish tank at work. Right now we have three cherry barbs and two platys. We want to get a couple more but we have to wait for it to do an ammonia cycle thing first or else they'll die. (I'm not real up on my fish tank knowledge)

It also seems pretty likely *crosses fingers* that when the production area is remodeled we're going to get a big salt-water tank in one of the walls. Same Name TD and I are quite excited about that.

March 22, 2004

Best So Far


This is the best shot I've managed to get so far of the baby fish. It's awfully hard to get an in-focus shot through an aquarium! Especially of something that darts every which way for no apparent reason. For size comparison... the blue marbles are, at the most, half an inch across.

April 6, 2004

Flying Fotos


One of the various ways I get to work takes me over and past some water. It's kind of a big lake/slow river kind of thing. I've noticed a bunch of ducks, geese, and swans there every single time I take that route to work. The other day I actually had time to stop and take pictures. There's signs up saying it's illegal to feed them, but they're all VERY tame so I'm thinking that sign gets ignored quite a bit.

There's more in the extended entry (as if you couldn't figure that out yourselves)

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April 28, 2004

Spring Bee

A little Phototime today. The theme is: It's a Spring Thing!

I left work for my dinner break and this big pink flowering bush was outside. I just had to stop and play for a few minutes. The bees were enjoying it too!


May 7, 2004

Follow the Leader

Having fun with Photo Friday today. The challenge this week is: Play

These girls just wanted to play with the "ducks." I'm not sure if the parents were just playing along and not wanting to correct the kids or what, but apparently giant black, grey, and white birds are "ducks."


Despite signs to the contrary everyone, including the security guys feed the geese. So when the kids went off with their parents (and a few suspiciously food like bags!) these guys followed right behind.

May 14, 2004



There's a little farm/zoo thing in the park near my house. This gal was a most cooperative photo subject!

May 16, 2004

Robin Red-Breast


Driving in to work today I passed this guy just sitting in the middle of the road not moving at all. I had a sparrow hit my car once that acted the same way and the wildlife rehab people said to just put it in a box in a quiet place and let it recover for a couple hours and it'd be fine. So I quickly stopped my car, got out, and gathered up this little feather bundle. He didn't move at all when I went to grab him. So I found a box with some help from Slightly Surly Tape Guy and let him be for a few hours. I went to check on him and he was standing up and acting normally. I tried to get him out of the box, but he flew out! Definately feeling better ;) Once I caught him I took a couple pictures of him sitting on my desk and then took him outside, where he hopped across the parking lot and then took off.


May 25, 2004

What're You Lookin' At?

So I'm incredibly late with this week's Theme Thursday. I was having major Photoshop issues and finally got them fixed. This week (or last week's) theme is: Frame


A chain-link framed chicken!

May 31, 2004

Fuzzy Face


My uncle's cat Dory. We were over for dinner tonight and I just couldn't resist.

June 1, 2004


For PhotoTime.

It's just wrong that I let this thing bite me just so I could take it's picture.


June 11, 2004

The Happy Homemaker


This little guy and his wife are building a next inside the supports for one of the satellite dishes at work.

June 26, 2004

My Visitor


I started putting birdseed out on the ledge outside my living room window a couple weeks ago. I now have a pair of sparrows that are regulars as well as at least one squirrel. This guy is the bravest and so far has been the only one that I've gotten a good picture of. Hopefully his wife will calm down soon so I can snap her picture too. :)

July 9, 2004

Extracuricular Moth Activities

I was in the middle of posting this when I realized it worked for today's Photo Friday! I thought it was really cool when I stumbled across these guys in the midst of enjoying themselves. ;) Although, I wonder if something with a brain as primative as a moth's would really have a concept of "enjoying" anything... Well, it was certainly cool to see at any rate! At least I thought so.


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August 5, 2004

Geocaching Buddy


Found this little guy while geocaching today. Little bitty toads are cool!

August 17, 2004

1... 2... 3... Jump!

For Phototime. It takes some action to get back in the pond.


August 28, 2004

Watch the Birdie!


Someone ended up on top of one of the cupboards in the kitchen today. Don't worry, I wasn't cooking or anything. Fids are not allowed free flight when cooking is going on!

August 31, 2004

Thirsty Bunny


For Phototime, this week is: Pets. Is he a Momma's bunny or what? ;) This has become his new favorite thing to jump on and around and over...

September 1, 2004

She's Blushing!


For WordPhoto which I just discovered yesterday. Today is: Orange

I think this is the best picture I've ever taken of Miss Mione. She is so incredibly hard to photograph!

September 8, 2004

Some Cheap Cheepers

For Moody Monday:


I don't like how cheap these guys are. It makes them disposable pets and that's not cool.

September 19, 2004

Fly Through Dinner


Having fun at the beach with my parents and the seagulls.

September 23, 2004

Introducing Talitha


Or Tali for short. She joined the Sunidesus household last Wednesday (the 15th if anyone's counting) That puts her at about 9 weeks right now. She's a mini-lop with a little bit of what appears to be angora so she's very fluffy!

And for the curious folks out there... "Talitha" means "little girl" in Aramaic. I found it on a site that has a huge list of Biblical names. So there you have it!

October 11, 2004

The Dying of the Light


One of the flowers I got at work a week ago has looked so interesting as it's started to die that I just had to take a picture of it. Something about the change in the colors from the outside to the inside as it drys out really interests me.

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October 17, 2004

Long Legs


This thing was hanging out in my apartment last night when I got home from work. It's at least 3 inches across. All leg though, the body is really tiny. Very weird bug!

October 26, 2004

What're You Looking At?


Caught on the windowsill of my apartment. Gotta love somewhat tame animals that've been bribed with food!

October 29, 2004



Now that's a relaxed bunny! And I just have to say that I love the healing brush in Photoshop! The original of this picture had some camera stuff and a mirror on the floor next to her. I like it much better this way ;)

November 6, 2004



Hewo-o! My name is Samantha and Suni just adopted me! I'm a complete cuddle bug and just want you to scritch my head. I'm a Lesser Sulpher Crested Cockatoo and I'm 18 years old. I lived with one family for all that time and they traveled all over the world with me. But they realized they didn't have enough time so they decided to give me up. Now Suni has taken me home and I'm sure we'll have lots of fun together!

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November 18, 2004

Snooze Time


A good portion of the day around here is spent like this. Of course they're crepuscular little creatrues so they're only hyper first thing in the morning, and then again at night. But they are just so gosh darn adorable when they're sleeping!

November 26, 2004

Quite Shreddable!


Well what do you do with your TV Guide? Huh?

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December 4, 2004



Yeah, I know. All I've been posting lately are critter pictures. But who could resist such cute little bundles of fluff?

Where Does This Go?


The new favorite playtoy... I've now been leaving my "coasters" on the floor for her to play with. She's a riot.

February 24, 2005

One Year


I still miss him.

February 28, 2005

The New Arrival


Here's the new arrival. I need to come up with a name for him because if I can't find the owner I have a feeling he'll be staying. Much too sweet of a birdie to give up!

I'm working on writing his whole story (that I know anyway!) over at the Zoo. But I just had to get a picture up before I did anything else.

What's in There?


I finished a box of cereal the other day. The box ended up on the floor. And Tali ended up inside! She discovered that there were yummy crumbs left in there. And who can resist taking a picture of a cute little bunny butt sticking out of a box like that? I certainly can't!

March 11, 2005

Bunny Blogging


I was trying to take a cute Easter picture of Miss Tali yesterday. She wasn't very cooperative! So I ended up with lots of pictures like these, and only one slightly useable one. Oh well, she's cute anyway!


And of course it works for the Friday Ark too.

Settling In


And the little blue birdie now has a name, Shirin, and he's settling in quite well. He particularly likes hanging out on the bookshelves!

Former Suckers


I just had to contribute something to the invertebrates of the Friday Ark this week. This one might even count as "Didn't Make It" since it's a dead one that's a decoration in my bathroom!

March 18, 2005

Dinner Guest


Because how can you resist taking pictures of something that cute perched right outside your window?

Plus, it's Friday and time for the Ark!

By Request


The bunny rolled over on her back. Although Benjamin is the one that's hilarious when he rolls over, but that's more of a video thing and Tali is much easier to photograph. She's just a tad more cooperative!

And it's Friday which is the perfect critter picture posting excuse.

March 24, 2005

Gazing To Spring


Tuesday was an absolutely gorgeous day around here and I managed to get myself out of the house to take some pictures. And of course I had to stop to take some shots of my favorite subjects...

The birds of course!

April 2, 2005

All Together Now...


How can you not love something that adorable?

And I'm a day late, but hopefully close enough to make the Ark

April 8, 2005

Blue on Green


Now that Shirin has joined the rest of the Zoo she's finding all kinds of interesting places to perch! And no I don't know what I was watching. I think that might be a commercial.

Identity Unknown


OK, I'm assuming this guy isn't native to Rhode Island, and I can't find him in my bird guide. So, I'm hoping someone out there (visitors from the Ark maybe?) can help me out. He looks kinda like a duck. But is bigger, more the size of a Canadian Goose. But with a shorter neck. Any ideas?

April 15, 2005

The Troublemaker


A certain mischevious 'too figured out how to climb up onto the kitchen counter the other day.

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A Supporting Role


I think this qualifies as a "supporting role" for the Ark!

May 6, 2005

Lights, Camera....


I managed to get a two-fer with this one. Something for the Ark and for Photo Friday! So we have one of the bunnies favorite actions, grooming!

May 13, 2005

More Please!


Treat time for the Tali-meister! And Friday Ark time for the rest of us!

June 9, 2005

I'm Ready for My Closeup


I found this little guy on the trunk of my car the other day. And of course I had to take his picture. How could I not? I did a little caterpillar identification sleuthing and it would seem that he is a tent caterpillar. The nests of which I find very icky! But he's sure cute when he's not inside of one!

July 1, 2005

A Little Fuzzy One


For a rather late Photo Tuesday I have some very young urban wildlife. This little guy was hanging out with Mom (behind him) and Dad and two siblings at this little lake I pass over every day on my way to and from work. The adults are all very used to people and will stop traffic if they want to cross the road! I'm very curious as to what these three will look like when they grow up, Mom is a domestic white goose while Dad is a Canadian goose. Should be interesting!

And hey, it's Friday now so this'll work for the Friday Ark too!

July 13, 2005

Bug Buffet


It would seem I really need to post something on this here re-designed photoblog. So for a rather belated MacroDay we have a moth perched on a yellow flower. I'm almost positive it's a daisy, white petals around a yellow middle.

July 15, 2005

I'm All Wet!


It's Friday and we all know what that means! Time for the Friday Ark! So... here's Miss Samantha drying off after a shower.

Ribbit! Ribbit!


Another for the Friday Ark. I ran into this guy while I was home on vacation at the end of June. He was living, quite happily, in a pond at a garden center/greenhouse. I tried to get a video of him croaking, but of course whenever I hit record he stopped. So you'll just have to imagine while you look at the still shot of him!

July 20, 2005



For Lensday, I love the constant chatter and sounds of these guys. There's something about that soft muttering quack that they always keep up; I just love it.

July 29, 2005

The Multi-Racial Family


I passed the inter-racial goose family the other day and figured it was about time for an update on the little guys. There were originally three goslings, but something must have happened to one of them because the last few times I've seen them there's been just two babies. They sure do grow fast!

A couple more, because they're so hard to resist!



Don't forget to visit the Ark for more animal goodness. And don't forget the Blogathon either! There's lots of good animal related charities that need your support.

Windshield Daredevil


This little guy hitched a ride on my windshield last night. He was such a pretty green that I just had to take his picture. (I used the headlight for my light source)

Don't forget the Ark, or the Blogathon!

August 26, 2005

Tide Pool Discovery


On Monday the 'rents and I went down to the ocean, and low tide makes for lots of fun for Suni! Lots of tide pools in which to play and find interesting things! Like this starfish. I'm assuming the little red dot is some kind of sense organ, both of the starfish I found had one. Here's the close up!


Watching it work on turning itself over was amazing. All those little feet flailing around!
Feet in action (right click, save target as please!)

Update: The little dot isn't a sense organ, it's part of the vascular/water system that starfish use to move! Thanks to my dad for hunting down the answer.

What's Up There?


On Tuesday we went to Roger Williams Zoo, I hadn't been yet and it was a nice day for doing something outside. It surprised me and was actually a fairly decent zoo. This sandhill crane was quite interested in something up above our heads. Couldn't find whatever it was he was looking at though!

So do birds seen in a zoo count on a person's life list?

Don't forget to check out the Friday Ark for all your critter viewing pleasure.

January 11, 2006



These are the fur-babies of a co-worker. They'll be staying with me for the next few days/week-ish. Until he finds a new apartment basically. They grey tabby is May, the calico is Cleo. They're fun and I'm loving having them here!

Window Gazer


Cleo is ready for her close up!

January 15, 2006

Don't Look at Me!


Why are you using that flashy box thing again!

January 20, 2006

All Curled Up


May has discovered that my feather pillows make a very good nap spot!

Don't forget to check out all the other critters at the Ark!

January 27, 2006




They're going home to their daddy tomorrow, so I have to get a couple more kitty pictures in before that!

February 10, 2006

Tight Fit


I've finally decided on a name for this gal, I'm going with "Dahlia". I never thought she'd try to get in one of these things, but she did! She fills up the entire inside, I have no idea how she turns around in there to get her nose facing out again!



An important part of the bunny bonding process. Grooming! For the most part Dally is the one in charge so she gets groomed whenever she says, but Benjamin is now asking to be groomed too. Today I caught them in some kind of "who gets groomed first" duel. They were both trying to get their head under the other, made me giggle!

Don't forget to visit all the other animals now boarding at the Ark!

February 17, 2006



This is Abby Normal, the very hyper 9 month old chocolate lab of one of the female anchors at work. I took a ton of pictures of her, this is one of the only ones in which she's sitting still! There were just so many things to smell and people to greet and what's going on over there?

As always, don't forget about the Ark!

March 10, 2006

It's Better This Way!


Benjamin seems to think that figuring out how to get up and into the hay rack is the best way to enjoy dinner.

Don't forget to visit the Ark! for all kinds of critter viewing goodness!

Coot! Coot!


It's not a very good picture, but it's only the second Coot I've ever seen and it's Friday and that's as good an excuse for posting a critter photo as any!

April 14, 2006



Kieran seems to have the ability to close his eyes every single time I take a picture of him. He also likes yogurt!


And I couldn't leave out Aidan! It took him awhile, but he finally doesn't hide from me anymore when I go over to Keva's apartment!

Don't forget to check out all the other critters at the Friday Ark!

April 21, 2006

Look, but Don't Touch!


Keva and I went geocaching last weekend and one of the caches had a colony of feral cats. There's a lady that cares for them apparently, but they definately aren't house cats! Their body language was so completely different than house cats.

Don't miss the Friday Ark!

A Cocoon of Unknown Origins


I haven't the faintest idea what this is, Keva and I found it while out caching. I'm hoping someone at the Ark can help me out! There were a coupld of them that we saw. It was maybe an inch across. I'm assuming something was inside, but I wasn't about to break it open!

Any ideas?

Update: Thanks to the extremely helpfull bug-dude at What's That Bug I now know it is a praying mantis egg case! How cool!



Believe it or not, those are Monk Parakeets. In Warwick, Rhode Island! All of my Ark entries this week are from geocaching trips. Heh. We were coming back towards the car after finding one and heard something scolding us from a tree. Keva saw them first and did the "What the...?" There aren't supposed to be green birds in Rhode Island! Somehow these little guys are able to survive the winters here and it totally made my day to see them!

Boneless Wonder


Another geocaching discovery. It's an itty bitty jellyfish! There was a second one nearby that was bigger, but my pictures of it turned out like orange blobs so baby jellyfish pictures it is!

Here's the top view too:


And a bonus... jellyfish in action! (right click, save-target-as, please!)

May 5, 2006

Creepy Crawly


Someone found this guy crawling around at work last night. No idea what it is. But it's a bug and it's nifty!

Don't forget to check the Friday Ark for all kinds of animal goodness.

November 12, 2006

Help Me!


This thing was buzzing around at work last night and I think it must have been sick or something because it didn't fly away while I was harrassing it.

June 26, 2007

Robin Babys


This little guys are hanging out at work. I haven't seen Mom & Dad, but other people at work have. One of them flapped his little wing while I was taking pictures, they're so scrawny and adorable!

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