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May 19, 2007



There was a wool fair down in Bristol today and I went. I figured it'd be a nice small first wool festival for me! There was a "children's tent" where they had drop spindles made with CD's to play with (there was other stuff in there too, but the spindles were the only part I really looked at) They had little bags with a CD drop spindle and some wool (that's the white stuff on the left) for 3 bucks. I finally caved. I've been resisting the whole spinning thing for ages. And I bought the blue roving as something pretty for inspiration. The seller has an etsy store here.

I did mange to resist buying the most adorable baby angora bun. So tiny! So cute!

May 24, 2007



There's a movie shooting in Providence this week with Katherine Heigl and since I had yesterday off I figured I'd go check it out. They weren't actually shooting outside, but the actors were starting outside and walking in the door. So we'd see them for a bit, they'd go in, and then we wouldn't see anything for a while. It was cool.

I only took a few pictures, this one was the clearest.

May 29, 2007



This would be what I bought at Mass Sheep & Wool this past weekend. That's 4 oz. of merino/tencel fiber in the front from the Sheep Shed. There's a skein of Spunky Eclectic sock yarn. I tend to be nervous about buying yarn on-line that I haven't seen in person, so I was very excited to see it and I bought some 'cuz it's purty! I also bought a real spindle from her. The blue that's on the spindle is from the roving I bought at the RI S&W a week ago. The real spindle works soooo much better than the CD one!


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