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Whoo! That was an incredibly fun day! And normally I take loads of pictures (and of much better quality than these! These aren't my best work!) but there was so much yarn! And so many Knittyheads to talk to! And Woot!!! Yeah, it was a good time. However, there is zero chance I'm going to get names right so if you see yourself, say hey in the comments.

I'm starting with the Yarn Pr0n!


My haul from Webs. A massive cone of cotton for 10 bucks, sock yarn of two varieties I haven't tried before. In the front there's my major splurge on the left (Schaeffer Anne) and one ball each of Rowan Wool Cotton and Felted Tweed. And in the back are two sets of bamboo circulars sizes 0 & 1. I just discovered I'm alergic to my KP needles so something that's not metal for sock knitting made me very happy!


And what I grabbed in Grafton (Classic Yarns right folks?) Some Cascade for punkin's, more sock yarn; there was only the one ball of the colorway I fell in love with, but I have tiny feet so no biggie. It works, I just have to be careful. And in the front are four cute little buttons, sheep, bunny, frog, penguin.



So much yarn!!! And this is only 2 of the aisles in the back! Plus all the stuff in the front of the store.

On to the people pictures...



Little groups were all over the place.


The handknit sock circle. The only one I know for sure is Lindydiva is the upper right cream colored one.


The line was just a tad long when it came time to check out. A couple ladies that I thought were Knittyheads (they weren't) asked about the sock I was working on and I got to explain what Kool Aid dyeing is all about.


After paying for my SEX... this was the first thing I saw in the parking lot. Hee! It's a gang of knitters!






Hanging out outside...


And walking to lunch!


On the way back from lunch we ran into this poodle with a mustache!

And that's all I have for pictures. I wish I'd taken more!


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Those pictures are so great!

It was wonderful meeting you today! We'll have to hang again, away from the WEBS fumes so we can actually have a real conversation and not just large amounts of squeeing!

Take care!

Thanks for taking pictures! (You know, I'm not used to seeing myself from the back. It's kind of strange, isn't it?)

Very cool that fellow Knittyheads met up this weekend. Alas, my WIPs needed some vast attention and I had to bow to their wants.

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