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A New Friend


If you haven't seen him before, Benjamin is the little Netherland Dwarf on the left, and his new girlfriend is a black beauty named Magic. I've already started calling her "Magi" so I think that's gonna stick. She's 7 or 8ish pounds and estimated to be around 2 years old.

We tried a couple other bunnies first and there's some not so great pictures of that "below the fold" as it were.


If I'm remembering correctly, this gal's name is Olivia. No love connection on the first try.


I was smitten with this awesome Flemish Giant gal so we gave Xena here a try. She was quite friendly towards my little man, but he was a little freaked out! (who let that dog in here?) So we moved on.


And then it was Miss Magic's turn.


And here she is!


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