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August 5, 2005

Washing Up


It's Friday and therefore time for the Ark! Since tomorrow is the Blogathon, and I'll be participating for a rabbit rescue of course I had to do a bunny picture.

August 10, 2005

Wat'cha Watchin?


For Pxite, a reflective collection of movies. And it works for this week's Thursday Challenge too! How about that. Not only are they reflective movies, they're good entertainment as well!

And because I thought it looked interesting... the same shot, but flipped.


August 26, 2005

Tide Pool Discovery


On Monday the 'rents and I went down to the ocean, and low tide makes for lots of fun for Suni! Lots of tide pools in which to play and find interesting things! Like this starfish. I'm assuming the little red dot is some kind of sense organ, both of the starfish I found had one. Here's the close up!


Watching it work on turning itself over was amazing. All those little feet flailing around!
Feet in action (right click, save target as please!)

Update: The little dot isn't a sense organ, it's part of the vascular/water system that starfish use to move! Thanks to my dad for hunting down the answer.

What's Up There?


On Tuesday we went to Roger Williams Zoo, I hadn't been yet and it was a nice day for doing something outside. It surprised me and was actually a fairly decent zoo. This sandhill crane was quite interested in something up above our heads. Couldn't find whatever it was he was looking at though!

So do birds seen in a zoo count on a person's life list?

Don't forget to check out the Friday Ark for all your critter viewing pleasure.

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