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Identity Unknown


OK, I'm assuming this guy isn't native to Rhode Island, and I can't find him in my bird guide. So, I'm hoping someone out there (visitors from the Ark maybe?) can help me out. He looks kinda like a duck. But is bigger, more the size of a Canadian Goose. But with a shorter neck. Any ideas?


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I'm not seeing the pic or the link above...



Ack! I'm an idiot. Didn't close a set of quotes in the img tags. It should be all better now. Thanks!


The head looks like a chicken and the body looks like a duck. I think it's a "chuck" and it comes from the Land of Photoshop.


Looks like a domestic Muscovy Duck. The wild ones are black with white wing patches, but domestics come in all shades. Yours is a domestic - wild Muscovies only enter the US around Falcon Dam, TX.


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