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For PhotoTime.

It's just wrong that I let this thing bite me just so I could take it's picture.



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That is so flippin cool! I hope it didn't get a good bite. ;)

Wow, excellent!




Great shot.


haha good idea for the theme! and great shot!

Wow! ...an exellent macro shot and perfect for the theme! But good heavens woman! That's a scarey way to get a good photo! If i did that my arm would be swollen to twice it's size all the way to my armpit and all black and bruised in appearance. Be careful, lady! ;-)


I only let the one bite me. She was already biting so instead of swatting immediately I picked up my camera.


What wonderful submissions!! Ouch and Wrong.. They are perfect.. Hope you swatted shortly after the shot.. :O)

Hehe... you go far for a photo, hey? ;-)) Great idea :-))

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