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Robin Red-Breast


Driving in to work today I passed this guy just sitting in the middle of the road not moving at all. I had a sparrow hit my car once that acted the same way and the wildlife rehab people said to just put it in a box in a quiet place and let it recover for a couple hours and it'd be fine. So I quickly stopped my car, got out, and gathered up this little feather bundle. He didn't move at all when I went to grab him. So I found a box with some help from Slightly Surly Tape Guy and let him be for a few hours. I went to check on him and he was standing up and acting normally. I tried to get him out of the box, but he flew out! Definately feeling better ;) Once I caught him I took a couple pictures of him sitting on my desk and then took him outside, where he hopped across the parking lot and then took off.



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Barny Dad:

cool ! the natural naturalist lives !


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