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Follow the Leader

Having fun with Photo Friday today. The challenge this week is: Play

These girls just wanted to play with the "ducks." I'm not sure if the parents were just playing along and not wanting to correct the kids or what, but apparently giant black, grey, and white birds are "ducks."


Despite signs to the contrary everyone, including the security guys feed the geese. So when the kids went off with their parents (and a few suspiciously food like bags!) these guys followed right behind.


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It's hard to avoid feeding the geese... They're so sweet and cute when they grab the food from your hands... but still...

Nice shot :-)

You dont know who wants to play with who. The duck following the kids or the kids making a second look at the lovely ducks. Great moment you took there.

Hehe! Really cute candid. Nice :)

Well I sure could not resist not feeding any animal, that is the loviest thing to do isn't it? ;) Love this picture!

They're just adorable, nice capture!

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