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Flying Fotos


One of the various ways I get to work takes me over and past some water. It's kind of a big lake/slow river kind of thing. I've noticed a bunch of ducks, geese, and swans there every single time I take that route to work. The other day I actually had time to stop and take pictures. There's signs up saying it's illegal to feed them, but they're all VERY tame so I'm thinking that sign gets ignored quite a bit.

There's more in the extended entry (as if you couldn't figure that out yourselves)

Why did the swan cross the road?


Why to get to the van of course! Yes, I know. Not the same birds, but I thought it was funny so :P


"Hey, you see anything under there George?"

And this odd looking guy just had to be included. I have no idea what he is, other than some sort of goose.


Update: The weird looking goose is a Chinese goose. The white ones are domestic geese. So most likely they're either feral or they escaped from a farm. Now you know.


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