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March 3, 2004


I'm attempting once again to make my way back to the meme-ing world. Yesterday's Phototime theme was: Glass


This is the chandelier from the First Baptist Church in America in Providence. It really is the first Baptist church in America just like the name suggests. Roger Williams, who also founded Providence, founded it way back in the mid 1600's. The chandelier is Waterford crystal and it's more than 200 years old! Now that's glass!

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March 8, 2004

Opaque Weather

It's been insanely foggy here the last couple days.


It does interesting things to the colors.


March 10, 2004

Transported Away

This week's Phototime theme is: Transportation

So, something that transports me to another place, time, planet, species, age...


March 16, 2004



Same Name TD and I were at one of the local pet stores looking for fish for the new tank and this guy was sunning himself in one of the tanks. I couldn't resist. I think he's a painted turtle? I feel like I remember learning that ages ago. And I think they're the common one's we used to see canoeing all the time when I was little. But I could very easily be quite wrong about that!



And this would be the de-icked fish tank at work. Right now we have three cherry barbs and two platys. We want to get a couple more but we have to wait for it to do an ammonia cycle thing first or else they'll die. (I'm not real up on my fish tank knowledge)

It also seems pretty likely *crosses fingers* that when the production area is remodeled we're going to get a big salt-water tank in one of the walls. Same Name TD and I are quite excited about that.

March 22, 2004

Best So Far


This is the best shot I've managed to get so far of the baby fish. It's awfully hard to get an in-focus shot through an aquarium! Especially of something that darts every which way for no apparent reason. For size comparison... the blue marbles are, at the most, half an inch across.

March 24, 2004


A little Phototime action tonight. The theme is: Hands


Mine doing something I'm starting to enjoy again. TD'ing. But I cannot wait until the new control room is finished and I get to use a board that works properly again! This one is literaly older than me, and no I'm not exagerating.

March 25, 2004

Making News

It's time for some Thursday Themeing. This week is: Television

So, my new control room. What? You were expecting something else? Actually pretty soon (by the middle of the summer) there'll be a brand spankin' new control room at the station. I'm really looking forward to that!


March 27, 2004

Old School Storage


Believe it or not we actually use this drive every day, multiple times, at work. I'm going to say it one more time. I can't wait for the new control room.

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