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November 1, 2003

Poor Stick Man...


I feel kinda sorry for the stickman dude. Look at the guy getting all stuck in the gate! It's on the gate into the parking lot at work. I giggle every time I go in to park now.

Strange Things You Might See in Rhode Island



Elderly crossings and Big Blue Bugs. I know the quality on the bug one is really low, but that'll happen when you take a picture out the window of the car while you're going 60 mph on the freeway and not looking at your camera.



Is that not the cutest face ever?

He's an 8 week old Netherland Dwarf and he doesn't have a name yet.

November 4, 2003



I got a spork with my KFC the other day. And of course I just had to take a picture of it, 'cuz it's a spork!

November 6, 2003

More Bunny Goodness



And this one to try and show his size. That horribly overexposed thing in the foreground is my arm. He completely fits on my palm. And he won't get much bigger either! Full grown is about 2 pounds.

November 11, 2003

But It's Free!

I'm entering back into the world of the photo-meme living here. It's Tuesday, which means it's Phototime! This week's theme is: Signs

The advantages of bringing your camera everywhere? When you see goofy signs you can take pictures!


Anyone want some free dirt?


And a sign that you're headed for a new home.

November 12, 2003

More Weirdness


Add this to the "Strange things you might see in Rhode Island". This is a school bus?

Current State of Affairs


Boxes, boxes everywhere!


The same room before all the boxes arrived. I'm planning to keep the fids and the bunny in this room. Right in the middle of the apartment, and very easy to clean area too!

November 14, 2003


Theme Thursday time! This week's theme is: No Entry

I'm back to participating after not really having time to do much on-line stuff. This particular shot is pretty lame, but it was too dark outside to get the shot I really wanted. I'll probably try to take the right shot later since it'll work for Photo Friday too!

So, No Entry... Without my ID this thing won't let me in the door at work.


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