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Memory Lane


I was looking through family photos to find a picture of baby me with my duckie from the previous post and came across this picture of all four of us from shortly after my little brother was born. That's me with all the curly red hair. I had to resist the urge to scan in lots more!

On to the duckie pictures. The first two are me in the hospital with Duckie and the last one is me at home in my cradle with him (her? how do you know the sex of a stuffed animal?)





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Awww.....look at all that curly hair! Too cute! And I swear, that must be some hospital thing from the late 70's early 80's....as I too had a little bow in my hair in most of my newborn pictures. :)

Awwwwww! Such a precious little baby!... and the ducky was definitely a girl 'cause i'm sure at that age your mom must have given ducky a girly nickname to complement her adorable little girl baby. ;-)


Okay, I'll bite... So Suni, how do YOU know the sex of a stuffed animal???

Sounded like a good joke.

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