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26 Things

Being the procrastinator that I am... I'm uploading my 26 Things now. This was an absolutely wonderful meme and I can't wait for Tracey's next project!

My little cousin Luke dearly loves his big cousin-in-law Brian.

A Picture Yourself style picture of me after I found a geocache.

A cookout at work. Reporters, engineers, production, sales, interns, all taking a break for a few minutes with lots of food.

The new toy I get to play with at work. It can control 5 decks and the board and do all kinds of editing tricks. I'm learning as I go!

Syn's animal. The ferocious Kieran!

Whenever I hear the word "Scape" I think of all the 'Scapers out there, trying to save one of the best shows on television.

Hisssss, sizzle. The sound of food being cooked. Yum!

Sometimes it feels like the entire midwest is under construction I took this at night, one of the few times when these guys aren't working.

At home Mom cooks and Dad does the dishes. It's one of those comforting, normal little things that are a part of being at home.

What time does to flowers.

I love good movies that can transport me to a different time and place. I used to daydream that the crew of the Enterprise (NCC-1701D of course) came back in time and took me away with them. I half believed that they would someday.

I loved the light in this fountain. It was beautiful.

We have these funky ice cubes at work. And the water I drink at work is usually a cup full of ice cubes, because I can take a cup of ice cubes into the control room and even if they spill it won't make a mess. Because they're ice!

My little cousin Josiah coloring with my mom.

My favorite signage! Me fingerspelling my name L - A - U - R - A

A common complaint, but I wish these numbers were lower.

Whenever I see the sun streaming through the clouds like this it reminds me of those pictures from Sunday School. You know the ones. When God is talking to John the Baptist or one of the prophets, and there's always light streaming through the clouds. Now when I see light like that it reminds me of him, the ultimate authority.

A duplex that is a perfect example of symmetry.

An empty melon bin at Wal-Mart.

The sunset over the lake before searching for a geocache where I saw a bunch of lightning bugs!

A pretty good storm brewing on stormtracker. Weather is fun. (When you don't have to deal with the meteorologist anyway)

Communication between machines. All the wires under the floor at work. There's miles and miles of them!

One of my favorite little things! They turn into an absolutely wonderful snack.

All the footwear headed for the door.

No amount of money is worth more than this guy!

I think every elementary kid in the area has climbed on this guy (and his faithful ox Blue) at some point. Even though we were told not to. Paul Bunyan & Babe the Blue Ox, local monuments.


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Comments (7)

Love the signing pic! That was a neat idea!

I really like construction and water - I'm ALWAYS spilling my water, so ice is probably a really good idea. :) Very creative signage as well; I don't think I've seen anybody do that yet. And guess what - my name is the ONLY sign language I know, so I recognized it! ;)


Awww...cute pic of my baby boy. :)

Tall Paul took a fall, and was restored by a guy and his awl...or something. :) Oh the controversy in E.C.! Vandals have whacked Paul off at the knees! Ok, it's not funny but it is. ;) Great shots!

Oh I just LOVE your 26 things!!! So many good ones it's hard to pick a favorite... I'm sort of inclined toward your name in sign... and the light in the water.... and ... well, i'll be back! Great job! ;-)

neat photos!

Good job with the 26 things! I enjoyed looking through them :)


Awww, the photo of Dolce was my favorite, but the movement you caught in both your name photo and the first photo of Luke and Brian is really great.

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