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Dancing Water

Water at Night

There's this little park downtown. I drive past it at least once a week. But I never noticed this fountain in the middle of it until tonight. Driving past, a flash of purple caught my eye and I slowed down to figure out what it was. It was lit and created this great cove kind of feeling in the middle of the park.


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the funny thing about that fountain is that it's been around for years, but they just finished re-doing it maybe a few weeks ago so it hadn't been turned on before! I just happened to read an article about it in the paper a few weeks ago. :)Cool picture!!


Well, that would explain why I've never noticed it before! I was wondering how it was possible that I'd never seen it, being that it's right in the middle of the city.


Love some of you photographs. Thanks.
tom from NW indiana


I really enjoyed your blog and it gave me something to do while I was sitting here in my web page development class. So thank you. The sporativity was what I most enjoyed. I also enjoyed the little things in life that caught your attention and you made beautiful pictures out of them.

Dana (I am a guy)

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