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July 1, 2003

Dancing Water

Water at Night

There's this little park downtown. I drive past it at least once a week. But I never noticed this fountain in the middle of it until tonight. Driving past, a flash of purple caught my eye and I slowed down to figure out what it was. It was lit and created this great cove kind of feeling in the middle of the park.

July 3, 2003


My Theme Thursday entry for this week...

The theme is: Yellow

Little Yellow

Not the best flower picture I've ever taken :P but it works I suppose.

July 4, 2003

Photo Friday

I like the end of the week. It means it's time for photo memes! And those are always fun.

Here's this week's Photo Friday, the challenge is Solitude.




Miss Mione looking quite proud of herself.

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My Grandpa and Uncle Mark came over for dinner and afterwards the two of them my mom and my aunt played Rook. This is my aunt (also my mom's twin) and my uncle.

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July 5, 2003

What's That?!?!


The puppies of a co-worker/friend contemplating Syn's Daquiri (sp?). They're German Shepards and once they decide you're not a threat they are just the sweetest things. Just about a year old now. They just wanted to be petted and have their tummies rubbed all night. I'll probably have more pictures of them later, but I need to go to the library quick before they close so that'll have to wait!

July 6, 2003



Grandpa was quite intent on the Legos that had been brought for my little cousin Luke to play with.

July 8, 2003



This is my little cousin Josiah. Isn't he adorable?

July 9, 2003

More Memes Please

I first saw this particular meme a week ago, and decided to participate this week.

The theme is: Reflections

Syn Gets Ready

I took this the day before my friend Syn's dance recital.

July 10, 2003

Misting Level

It's Thursday! And we all know what that means right? Yep, you got it. It's Theme Thursday time.

Theme: Ground Level


Flower Bloggin'


I'm not sure what it's called in still photography, but in television this would be the beginning of a rack focus. I've been having fun experimenting with this look lately.

July 11, 2003

It's the Same!

It's Photo Friday time!

This week is: Symmetry


I really like this house. I just wish that it didn't have that cable in front of it! I might try to Photoshop it out once I get home tonight. But then again I might not. You never know!

July 13, 2003



This guy was in my stairway last night.

Say What?

I was at the pharmacy the other day picking up my meds refill. They were a little behind and I had to sit and wait for a few minutes. 90% of the time I have a book in my purse. Of course that day I didn't. I ended up just poking around and looking at stuff. I ended up taking a picture of one particular item. It's in a popup image which I don't usually do because I wanted you to read all this first! Now, when you look at the picture I want you to say the name of the product, imagine how it's pronounced. Then look at what it's used for...


July 14, 2003

Stormy Weather


It's getting a little stormy tonight and the clouds looked interesting.

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July 15, 2003

How Many? Going Where? With What?

It's Phototime.
This week is: Frustration

For me frustration is 17 tapes that have to go to 14 cities with 8 different combinations of commercials and 5 different timing sheets. Every. Monday.


July 17, 2003

Foldable Theme

That time of week has come around again... the Theme Thursday kind of time.

This week's theme is: Paper


This is only a fraction of the paper we go through at work. This tub was emptied yesterday. And this is for just one room. There's another bin like it in the control room and in the front office. Good thing we recycle!

July 18, 2003


Being that it's the end of the week there's all kinds of memes happening. I had a hard time coming up with a picture for this week's Photo Friday.

The challenge this week is: Identity


I finally went with this picture, because my identity (for better or worse) is entirely too wrapped up in what I do in this chair.

July 19, 2003

How Did I Get Here?


This particular Fid has a habit of freaking out and flapping madly around the room until she lands on something. This was a new place for her to end up.

July 21, 2003

Flower Blogging


I have this feeling that this place is slowly turning into a flower blog. Ah well. These are flowers in my parent's yard. Mom said these are called "Johnny Jump-Ups" but I think I'm just going to call them baby pansies!


I'm pretty sure Mom said this is a Hydrangea. I also have a second picture that shows them before they get their full color, but it needs to be messed with and I'm not on a computer with the right software for that at the moment so that'll have to wait.

July 23, 2003

It's a...?


I'm not exactly sure what this thing is. I'm guessing it's a muskrat, but I really have no idea. Maybe it's some huge mutant rat or something. I saw it on my way home from work tonight and of course I had to take a picture.

July 25, 2003

Field of Yellow


Flowers on the way to this cache.



I came around the corner on the way back to my car from this cache when I saw a duck.

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He's Everywhere!


Melt in Your Mouth

Best. Steak. Ever.
This guy was our chef last night. I can't remember his name though! Anyone that was there that can help me out?

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The Glow of Home


A geek in her element.

July 26, 2003

Who is that Goofy Looking Guy?


Well if This Wasn't Blurry...


Then you'd know that it's a picture of Dan Gillmor talking about Command Post. How cool is that!

July 28, 2003



Took this while I was geocaching on Sunday.

People Persons


Chris & Me


Solly & Me


Me & Chey

There will be more pictures later, but here's a start!

Playing with Chris' Balls

Get your minds out of the gutter! They're antenna balls!


Jane (who doesn't have a blog yet) and Solonor throwing them.


Jim catching them. Or trying to anyway.

Geocaching Country


Another picture I took while geocaching on Sunday.

July 29, 2003

The View from Above


The street from the Pirillo Pad at Gnomedex

July 30, 2003

Computer Floor


I helped Joe run some wires under the floor at work Monday night. It's actually a lot of fun messing with the computer floor and playing around under it.

Just 'Cuz


Cis was talking about bleeding heart flowers. I looked at the photo she linked and hey I've taken a picture of that before! I hadn't posted it at the time, but figured I would now just because I was thinking about it. And hey blogs are all stream-of-consciousnessy so why not?

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Fly Boy


I managed to take a picture of my boy flying! Am I good or what? Wait... don't answer that. Just enjoy looking at my beautiful boy.

July 31, 2003

Christmas in July


I took this picture on July 27 just outside the little city in southern Minnesota, Glenville. Apparently no one in town has a calendar as this clumb of shrubs was all decked out for a certain winter holiday.

Middle of Nowhere


This isn't really going to make sense to anyone, but this is my blog and it makes sense to me so :P

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