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Flash Experiment

These three pictures are from me experimenting with a flash trick that I just read about in a photography magazine. It's for taking pictures that need a flash, but the flash washes the whole thing out. Basically you just put a layer, or two, or three of tissue over the flash (not the light sensor though) and take your picture normally.

Here's the first picture, taken with the macro setting, flash turned on, camera 8 or 10 inches from the flowers:

Just Flash

And now with one layer of Kleenex over the flash, everything else is the same:

One Layer

And with two layers of Kleenex over it:

Two Layers

All in all, I like what happened. I'm going to have to experiment some more, but I really like that the image is still crisp, but without the harsh shadows of a regular macro picture with flash. It's just a little softer. :)


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Great idea! I will have to try that sometime. Digital camera flashes are the worst.

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