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OK everybody, I know I've been absent the last week or so. I've been busy and not in a posting mood. But now I need some help! Last week I took literally hundreds of photos for the America 24/7 project. I've narrowed it down to 14, and I'm going to post them all here and I'm asking for everyone to let me know what your favorites are. Thanks in advance for any help. I'm begging here everyone. They're all in the extended entry except for the one that I'm putting right here to tease you all into looking at the rest of them!

1. Sleeping Beauty

2. Patient Ballerinas

3. Parking Lot Catch

4. Glow of the Stage

5. A Star is Born

6. Lisa's Story

7. Hairspray

8. Haunted House

9. Tall in the Lights

10. Getting Ready

11. Spining

12. Speedy Delivery

13. Glowing Tails

14. Busking on the Corner


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My favorites are the first one, the third one, and the mailman one. :)

They're all great, but the 7 I like are 1 (baby), 3 (baseball), 4 (dancers), 7 (hairspray), 10 (backstage), 12 (mailman), 14 (fiddler).

I like one(sleeping ballerina), seven(hairspray) and the mailman one. :)

Hope this helps.

Did I screw up? Was I only supposed to pick three? Well, just in case, its 1, 12 and 14.

I like...
1) Busking on the Corner (Fine Arts and Crime, need I say more?)
2) Tall in the Lights (looks like Statue of Liberty to me)
3) Speedy Delivery (I miss Mr. Rogers)

I like Glowing Tails, Sleeping Beauty & Busking on the Corner


Ok, Ducky, I don't know if you were talking about pic #9 but I think you were....are you saying I look like the Statue of Liberty?!!! :) 'Cause that's me!!


1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 14

Love those!

My votes are #12, 1 and 3 in that order. #12 (mailman on porch) is an excellent photograph that quietly captures that aspect of America. Well done!

I LOVE #13. How did you take it and with what? Beautifully done.


I like 1,7,8,9,11,12,14. Right now my favorites are 11 and 12.

Much love.


i liked #11. i also enjoy photography and have a question about it: how do you turn the individual headlights and tail lights into one continuous streak?

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