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Hairless John

My dad has had a mustache for forever. The only pictures I've ever seen of him without one are from high school or earlier. Today I went home to give my mom her Mother's Day present and when he walked down the stairs... AHHH!!!!!

He had shaved it off! He looks so bizarre! Well, to me anyway. To someone who's never seen him he probably looks just fine. But it freaked me out!

Dad Sans Mustache

Update: It occurred to me that I should include a link to my dad WITH a mustache!

Dad Up Close

My brother requested a picture of the hairless Dad since he's not here and is unable to see it in person. So, Dad tried to take a picture of himself...

Self Portrait

That wasn't very successfull so he asked Mom to do it. Of course he had to mess around with her because she doesn't take pictures very often.

My Father is Nuts!

And the two of them checking on the results.

Picturing It

They ended up not liking any of the ones they had taken on their camera and liking the ones I had on my camera! So everyone say hi to my brother because he's going to be by here to check out the pictures at some point.


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