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A Day in the Life of Sunidesus

A Day in the Life

This is my submission for the May Day Project. For the big pictures (and the story!) click on the extended entry tab.

I was awakened at 11am by a loud pounding on my door. Syn and I had planned to go
Geocaching Saturday morning and my alarm didn't wake me up! After a flurry of
getting ready we got in the car and headed for the first cache...

On the Road

A few minutes of driving later, we arrived near the coordinates for the first cache. The "Little Castle" cache. We decided to explore the "castle" before beginning the hunt.

At the Castle

The view was wonderful from up there.

Elk Mound from Above

The "castle" is actually a monument to rural postal carriers. There are plaques and a flag at the site.

Flying Glory

We decided to start hunting for the cache and while following the coordinates I stumbled upon a benchmark. I've never managed to find one before, although to be fair I haven't looked very hard either.

My First Benchmark

After trying too hard to find the cache, Syn found it right in front of our noses.

Little Castle Cache

We dragged Syn's sister Megen along with us. This was her first cache. We may have hooked another geocacher!

Megen & Syn

And using my Christmas present (a very nice tripod) we took the traditional picture of all three of us.


We hopped back in the car headed for the next cache, White Pine Twilight Zone. After heading down the wrong roads a few times we were finally on our way. Some violets were also on the way.

Violets in White Pines

Syn spotted this one first too, so she logged it first. Isn't it a cool tree?

Syn Logging

The obligitory Team SunSynergy Productions picture.

Sunidesus & Syn at White Pine

Then I set up the tripod (my itsy bitsy baby one this time) to get the three of us. I set the timer on my camera and scurried back up the log to get into position. And my foot went through the tree! I just about knocked all of us off the log by nearly falling through where the log had started to rott out.

I'm Falling.......!

We tried again (without anyone falling through the tree)

Megen, Syn, & Suni at White Pines

Bushwhacking back to the car we passed another really interesting looking tree.

Bent Tree

Syn had to go to work, and her sister had softball practice so they went on their way. I had the rest of the day free so I decided that I would like to go to a movie. Unfortunately the only money I had was a jar full of change. I swung by the bank and had them run it through the change machine and give me bills for it all. Much easier to handle and prevents the cashier from getting all annoyed with all my pennies!

Penny Pot

And I was off to the movie theatre in the rain.

Going to the Movies

Don't worry, I went to X-Men. Not Lizzy McGuire!


Of course I had to have popcorn.


It was still raining when I left the movie, but a lot harder! I got quite wet just getting to my car.

Rain Drops Falling on my Head

My parents had just gotten home from my brother's aborted graduation, and mom and I watched Thursday's ER and then the last hour of "The Green Mile".

Vegging Out

I usually have to be doing something while I watch TV. In this case it was a cross-stitch project that I've been working on for a while. It's a first anniversary present for my cousin (so don't tell her about it ok? thanks)

Jenny in stitches

At the end of the day I ended up where I always do. In my bed with my computer on my lap.

The End of the Day

And shortly thereafter I fell asleep, my day over.


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Great Photos...I am going to have to check out this Geocaching, it looks fun. :)

looks like you had a great day :) thanks for participating in the project!

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