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Head On

My first view of the car. I was expecting more damage to the front of it, but I must have gone off the edge and then rolled over to the right. Not munching the front like I thought. The roof is pretty dented, but considering I rolled twice it's really not that bad. Nothing really going inside where I was (thankfully!)

Passenger Side

Grass was sticking out of it everywhere, and the police tape is still trailing around it!


Just a closer up view of the windshield.

Fun With Macros

And I couldn't resist an extreme closeup of the spiderweb of glass.


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*speechless and Thankful you were not hurt*


Me too!!!


Y'know I thought I'd gotten the idea of how bad it was just from your verbal description. I mean, flipping a car twice outside of a movie stunt, very BIG deal! but I was still shocked to see the photos. So happy you walked away from that!


Can I use the windshield from your crash3 picture?

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