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March 2, 2003



When it's high school tournament time there are always lots of vehicles driving around with messages on them. Especially on Sundays when the team is returning from state! I'm not sure which school or sport this one is for. Might be wrestling but I don't know for certain.

March 3, 2003

These are a Few of My Favorite Things...


I can spend hours in libraries without any problem. I LOVE books!

March 5, 2003

Jer Bear


The studio at work through the control room window.


Keva's Drink

At least Syn said it tasted good! I don't drink alcoholic anything so I'll just have to trust her. It sure looked good though.

March 7, 2003

Theme Thursday

This week's theme is:

Something to Look Forward to

I'm looking forward to finishing this...

Almost There

and here's a close up of it...

Almost There Closer

I have one row of blocks left to add to this and then I can do the border and then figure out how to do the backing and stuffing. I've been working on it on and off for a very long time and now I can feel myself so close to being done and I'm all excited about it.

If anyone is interested it's all hand-pieced. Each block is a different blue fabric. It's a pattern called "Snowballs"

March 11, 2003

Newsies are Messy!

Bathroom Mess

I walked into the bathroom at work and saw a huge mess and just had to take a picture!

More Quilt


Last night (or more acurately very early this morning) I finished the main part of my quilt! All the piecing is finished. I just have the border, backing, and stuffing to figure out. Anyone know how to quilt? Know what I should do next? Here's another picture just 'cuz I'm so gosh darn proud of myself.


March 13, 2003

Go X Sound Full...

Stand By




Drive Up


Thank You

Our food arrives



March 15, 2003

Weird Weather

Footsteps in the Snow

I took this picture late Wednesday night, when it snowed an inch or so. Today it was 61 degrees and there was a pond in my back yard! Spring weather is just so strange.

Someone was Inked!

Syn's Tattoo

The almost finished product.

Syn got it done this morning. The only thing left after this picture was to color the eye red. I think it looks really cool. Not that I'd ever get one! There will shortly be more pictures of the entire outing.

First Picnic

First Spring Picnic

It's such a gorgeous day today that after the tattooing Syn and I decided to go get lunch and eat it in the park. It was apparently 68 degrees today which is just insanely warm compared to what we've had lately.

It was the First Picnic of Spring!

March 16, 2003

Dolce the Geek

Geek Bird

Even my bird is geeky! He flew to this perch and then sat there for probably an hour before he decided he wanted to be somewhere else.

March 21, 2003

Theme Thursday

OK, I took pictures for last week's theme but I forgot to upload them! Silly me. And I'm having a really hard time coming up with something for this week's theme. So, I'm just going to upload last week's and call it even.

Last week's theme was Heritage

Heritage 1

Heritage 2

In my parent's basement there is one long wall that Mom has covered with family pictures. Some are newer, and some are from long ago. It's very cool and I really like it.

March 22, 2003

Cache Puppy

Puppy at the Cache

While Syn and I were doing some maintenance on our cache this little gal found us and just wanted to be petted! She hung out with us the whole time we were out there. She very much seemed like a puppy. Pretty much full grown, but under a year old. Very playful and just a complete sweetheart.

Birthday Wishes

It's not my brother's birthday until the middle of April, but he's home now for spring break (and my parents are home too) so we celebrated his birthday today! He'll be 22. My little brother is getting so old!

Tommy & his Cake

Blowing out Candles

Boston Cream Pie


March 24, 2003



When Syn and I were geocaching last weekend we passed this restaurant. All I could think was, Do they eat Linux in there? Yeah, I know. I'm a dork.


Menards Ice

Menards Ice

Menards is based in my home town. The guy that owns it is not the greatest guy, but the fountains in front of Menards HQ were great fodder for photos. There's these two huge fountains in front of the building, during the summer they're really pretty. In the winter thought, they freeze (this is Wisconsin after all) and for some reason he doesn't turn them off! So, we end up with these huge ice block things. Very funny looking.

March 25, 2003

You Know You Work at a TV Station When...

You use these...

Syn's Car

to light up the inside of your car so you can do this...

Inside Syn's Car

and then install a CD player!

March 28, 2003

Such a Good Feeling

Gas Gauge

I posted about how much I like this feeling before.

March 29, 2003



I went over to my uncle's (and his wife's of course) house for dinner with my parents. And this is his cat Dory (yes, she really is rather fat, she's on a diet now though) She's somewhere around 10 years old, she was abandoned near my parent's house and my uncle adopted her. There's a story to go along with that, maybe I'll work on writing that down next.



March 30, 2003



Every once in a great while my mom makes artichokes. She doesn't like them, and it's always fun when we get them. I went home for dinner special because she was making them for dad and myself.

Partially Eaten, With Butter!

Just the Heart Left

Leftover Leaves

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