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My Bro

My brother is home from college for the weekend. He's kind of a dork. My parents have a door stopper attached to the wall where the door knob hits the wall. It was making a huge dent, so they put this soft plastic rubbery thing on the wall there. My brother decided that he wanted to stick this thing to his forehead. What can I say, I come from a family of weirdos!

Dorky Brother

After he noticed me taking pictures, he decided to make a goofy face. The guy in the background is his friend Dave.

Tommy & Dave

And once he took the thing off of his forehead he had a gigantic black and blue mark where it was. He's going to go back to school on Monday looking like he has an alien girlfriend who likes to suck his forehead!

Black & Blue Brother

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My fucking bro tryes to bother me he is a fuckoff!

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