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Easy One!

This week's Theme Thursday is collections. This was a very easy one for me, at least the idea was easy. The execution of said idea took me the past 2 hours!

I have a huge frog collection. (none of them are alive though) I photographed a handful of them, cut them out, and put them all together in one picture. There's the piano playing frog, the crystal frog, the frog pin, a few stuffed frogs, a frog container... I also have frog keychains, and wooden frogs, and frogs with suction cup feet, there's a frog blanket too. Not to mention the frog t-shirts and frog tote bag! The bowl with the frog in the middle I made back in high school in a pottery class.

If you haven't run screaming from the crazy frog lady yet, here's the picture!

Lots of Frogs

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those are really beautiful frogs you got there!

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