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November 1, 2002

Happy Sign

This is possibly the best road sign in the world.

Happy Sign

November 2, 2002

My Bro

My brother is home from college for the weekend. He's kind of a dork. My parents have a door stopper attached to the wall where the door knob hits the wall. It was making a huge dent, so they put this soft plastic rubbery thing on the wall there. My brother decided that he wanted to stick this thing to his forehead. What can I say, I come from a family of weirdos!

Dorky Brother

After he noticed me taking pictures, he decided to make a goofy face. The guy in the background is his friend Dave.

Tommy & Dave

And once he took the thing off of his forehead he had a gigantic black and blue mark where it was. He's going to go back to school on Monday looking like he has an alien girlfriend who likes to suck his forehead!

Black & Blue Brother

November 3, 2002


My parents just got back from a trip to Japan. They were visiting missionaries and one of them gave them a couple packages of these things. I have no idea what they're called, but apparently they're a common snack over there. One of the missionary kids eats them constantly. Personally I have to say ICK! But, to each his own I guess. And yes, they really are little fishies.


November 4, 2002

Parental Birthdays

Since my brother was home for the weekend, we decided to celebrate both of my parent's birthdays. My mom on Saturday, and my dad on Sunday. It technically isn't his birthday until the 8th, but since my bro was home we did it now. This is my dad before & during the candle blowing out. You can either try to count them, or trust me when I tell you that there are 54 candles on that cake.

Big Breath

November 5, 2002

Photo Op

I was driving from work to go vote and saw this hydrant gushing water. There wasn't anyone around, and it was too good to pass up!

November 6, 2002

Doin' my Duty

I was a good girl and went to vote yesterday. I got a few strange looks while I was snapping pictures of the sign, but that's okay with me.

If anyone is horribly curious, I did indeed vote for the Green Party candidate for WI governor. The rest I hopped between the Dem's and the Republicans. I just couldn't bring myself to vote for either of the main party candidates. So I went with a third party candidate that I respect, like, and agree with on most of the issues.

Anyway... here's my pics for today.

Polling Place

My Vote Counts

November 7, 2002

Theme Thursday

This week's Theme Thursday is Babies. I've got two pictures for it. The first one is me and my feathered baby Dolce. Whenever I talk about him, I refer to him as "my baby" so he's quite applicable to this week's theme.

Feathered Baby

I didn't take this next picture, IWTB did. This is her neice Hannah. She was born June 19th at 1 lb. 12 ozs. She's up above 9 lbs. now but is still stuck at the hospital. IWTB and Hannah's mom Nikki went to visit on Halloween (very cute chilli pepper outfit pics to come) and they took my camera. So... Hannah is now part of my Theme Thursday!

Hannah Banana

November 8, 2002

Sat Truck

The sat truck that we get to use every once in a while was at my station a few weeks ago. It had it's mast cam up.

Sat Truck Mast Cam

November 9, 2002


I'm testing a new template for over here in the PhotoBlog to match the new layout over at my main page.

November 10, 2002


Dan & Rachel Vendberg were commissioned as missionaries to Chad this morning at church.

Dan & Rachel

November 21, 2002

I'm Back

I've not been feeling like taking pictures lately so I've been AWOL for the past week or so. But the meteor shower Monday night/Tuesday morning was an amazing opportunity. I didn't manage to capture any meteors, but I did get a couple of pictures that I think are pretty cool. The moon behind the clouds and a long exposure of the trees and the stars.

Moon Road

Starry Night

Easy One!

This week's Theme Thursday is collections. This was a very easy one for me, at least the idea was easy. The execution of said idea took me the past 2 hours!

I have a huge frog collection. (none of them are alive though) I photographed a handful of them, cut them out, and put them all together in one picture. There's the piano playing frog, the crystal frog, the frog pin, a few stuffed frogs, a frog container... I also have frog keychains, and wooden frogs, and frogs with suction cup feet, there's a frog blanket too. Not to mention the frog t-shirts and frog tote bag! The bowl with the frog in the middle I made back in high school in a pottery class.

If you haven't run screaming from the crazy frog lady yet, here's the picture!

Lots of Frogs

November 30, 2002

Picture 2000!!

When we went to cover a fire for work I took a bunch of pictures of it and my 2000th picture with my camera was among them. Here it is!

Picture #2000

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