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September 21, 2002


Testing the PhotoBlog (again) (x2) (x3)

Still Testing

I've updated and refreshed this page a zillion times since last night. It's almost right!

Everything Works!

Well, the PhotoBlog is now up and running. The archives work, the comments work... it just doesn't have any pictures yet! The one thing I'm having some trouble with is getting the 1000 words link to work. I want to join the 1000 words web ring, but I'm having a hard time getting the code to work correctly. There aren't any pictures here yet, but hopefully there will be some very soon!

September 22, 2002

Here Goes

Now that I have everything working, time to post some pictures. It is a photoblog after all. So without further ado, two pictures that I took last night. Both are very long exposures taken at night.

Old Abe

I was wandering around and decided to stop and take a picture of my old high school mascot. He's "Old Abe" the Civil War eagle. He came from my area of Wisconsin and was the mascot for a Civil War regiment from our state.

Church Window

This is a church in my city, I don't attend it but it has a lovely stained glass window that's lit up for a few hours every night.

September 23, 2002


Nothing horribly exciting, just my car.

My Car

My Car

My Car & Reflection

My Car & Reflection

September 25, 2002


I went to the eye doctor today (well, yesterday really) and ended up with VERY large pupils.

Big Eyes

Big Eyes

September 26, 2002


Since I have a PhotoBlog now, I'm going to participate in my first Theme Thursday today! This is my boy Dolce enjoying a bath. When he takes a bath he goes nuts. He can spray water over an entire room. He's quite enthusiastic!

Bath Time

Bath Time

Bath Time

Caught Red Handed

My first submission to Photojunkie's 100K Photocontest.


This red is in my hand or next to me just about 24/7. I know, I know, it's bad for me. But sometimes you just really need some caffeine!

Human Study

And the second submission to Photojunkies 100K Photocontest.

A Human Study

My eye after a trip to the eye doctor. It always amazes me how big a pupil can get. You can just see my hand and the camera in my pupil too.

September 27, 2002

New & Old

My old glasses, and my new glasses. I just picked them up today (well, technically yesterday). The new ones are the smaller ones. I'm practically blind without them, after this last trip to the eye doctor my eyes are now at 20/600. You know the big E on the eye test chart? It doesn't even exist for me.

New & Old

September 30, 2002

Artsy-Fartsy On the Way

IWTB was kind enough to drive me to the airport and I decided to try to capture the passing lights at 5 a.m.

Car Lights

Meeting People

There were "character actors" there as well as the big stars. Here's two of them. Brian Thompson is first. He was the Bounty Hunter on X-Files and since IWTB is a tad obsessed with the X-Files I got an autograph from him, for her. This picture is him, me, and the picture he signed for IWTB. And before you say anything... yes I know I look like a dork.

Me & Brian Thompson

So, I'm walking along one of the tables and looking at the pictures and saw some Farscape pictures. They were all of Zhaan. Then I looked up and Zhaan was sitting RIGHT THERE! OK, really she was Virginia Hey. I had no idea she was going to be there, so that was quite exciting! She was really sweet and signed a beautiful picture for me.

Me & Virginia Hey

Now For Some Pretty Photos...

These palms (at least I think that's what they were) were right outside my hotel.

Palm Fronds

And a pink rose bush that was outside the convention center.

Pink Rose, Up Close

Same photo, different croping.

Pink Rose

Last, For Now

I had a 2 hour layover in Vegas on my way home. Sittin' there playing with my laptop and looked up and noticed a really cool reflection happening on the window. There were multiple layers of glass and that made it kind of echo. I thought it was cool anyway.

Vegas Window

One More

I hit my 1000th photo on my cool new digital camera in Phoenix on my way to the convention. It's nothing special, but since it's number 1000 I decided to post it!

Photo #1000

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