June 7, 2008


This showed up in my mailbox yesterday. It's an advance copy (otherwise known as an "ARC") for a book that won't be out until September. And it's signed! Squeeee!

I read the book before it a couple months back and wrote a little thing for it for the book blog. Last week I got a comment on the entry from the author who offered to send me the ARC for the next book! How cool is that?!?! And so completely unexpected!

April 13, 2008

Around the World

For Macro Day: round
And it works for See It Sunday too 'cuz it's a map

This is one of those 3-D puzzles (a globe obviously) It was a fun puzzle to put together, but they make it waaaaaay too easy to cheat! Each piece has a number on the "wrong" side and starting at the South Pole with "1" it spirals all the way up and around until you have the whole puzzle. I did not use the numbers!

April 12, 2008


For PhotoHunt: Twisted

March 29, 2008


For Photo Hunt: high.

This is one of the bridges across the Charles River in Boston.

Take One and Call Me in the Morning

For Photo Friday: emotions

It amazes me that such tiny little things can affect something as complicated as how a person feels and reacts.